Smart Oncology.

Pioneering data-driven approaches to improve patient outcomes.

SmartOncology is a comprehensive framework with data interoperability at its core.

Smart Oncology

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SmartOncology is a

It supports medical professionals and administrative staff in all processes, from setting medical goals, streamlining processes, through to patient care, and marketable data.

SmartOncology is a business

Intelligent processes mean a more efficient organization. Medical professionals spend less time with documentation tasks and focus more on patients.

SmartOncology is an interoperable medical
software suite

SmartForms Intuitive interfaces with customizable data entry forms streamline the collection of standardized and fully interoperable medical data.

SmartTransfer Data exchange enables collaboration with internal and external partners, while supporting knowledge creation.

SmartDB Interoperable database controls data flow, data management, and data archiving.

SmartOncology is built with three principles in mind.

Medical data is processed in a semantically and technically interoperable manner from the first data entry to the real-world patient and research results.

Complete information standardization is ensured permanently. All clinical expressions are processed in the fully structured, internationally acknowledged, language-independent, and interoperable clinical meta-thesaurus.

All data is

Information collection
is dynamic and

Efficient workflows require highly dynamic data capturing.
Smart technologies like interactive graphics, natural language processing, and text-to-code transformations are embedded in a highly intuitive and efficient data recording system.
SmartForms add fully customizable and flexible data entry capabilities that cover all medical data collection requirements.

Physicians know what physicians need. We are experienced clinical practitioners and at the same time terminology and software specialists. Together we combine predefined sets of precise and usable clinical expressions into clinical data models.

Results built on
experience and
best practices.


Get all data you need, when you need it.


No need to choose between
‘well-structured rigidity’
and ‘unstructuredflexibility‘.


Spend time with patients and research, not data and document management.


Programming Work


Data Standardization


Data Exchangeability

SmartOncology has
its first footprint in

…but is applicable
to all medical

The solution is freely available as open-source software

SmartOncology was proudly developed in association with the Swiss Cancer Foundation and the Department of Radio-Oncology at the Inselspital Hospital in Bern, Switzerland.

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