Transforming clinical data into information, and information into knowledge.

We are Clinical Information Specialists

Wemedoo is a medical and data-driven service and information technology company. Our core competencies are medical data engineering and clinical trial services.

Our goal is to accelerate and simplify all medical data-related processes to the most comfortable extent. That's why we create custom solutions and support our clients throughout the implementation process. By doing so, we help our clients evolve and navigate through the business landscape with clarity.

In every project, we recommend a process-based approach specially designed to foster the client's inherent learning path. In other words, we tailor our services and software solutions to serve the client by adjusting to the already established workflow and scope of work.

We offer innovative software solutions and top-level expert services that facilitate data processes in biomedical industries.

We work with Contract Research Organizations (CROs), pharma, biotech, and medical device companies, as well as with academic institutions, healthcare providers, and other stakeholder organizations from the life science industries.

However, we like to emphasize that there are three specific environments that our solutions and services ultimately impact. These are:

Clinical Trials

Clinical Real-World Settings

Patients' Real-World Settings

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Professional Services

  • Business transformation and clinical process engineering
  • Healthcare technology management and HIS (health information systems) integrations
  • Biotech and pharma clinical trials support
  • Device and diagnostics trials support
  • Specialized clinical trial services
  • Outcome research and market access in the digitized era
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Software Solutions

  • Open source SmartOncology
  • Clinical registries
  • Synoptic and structured clinical reports
  • Clinical guidelines and pathways
  • ePRO

  • Oomnia® EDC/CTMS system
  • eTMF
  • eAchiving

We reach for the highest standards of the industry

It is a commitment to constantly learn, improve, and evolve through quality.

We create true value for our clients.

The true value is produced through innovation, expertise, and long-term quality assurance. We implement the highest standards of the industry in all of our software, services, and processes.

We ensure compliance.

  • GDPR
  • Swiss Data Privacy Law
  • GCP
  • FDA CFR Part 11
  • FAIR and ALCOA+ Principles

We generate new knowledge.

We are active members of several working groups and initiatives, such as CodeX, mCODE, Gaia-X, CDISC, and Swiss MedTech. There, we create and improve novelty frameworks for personalized, precise, and patient-centered medical care.

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Clinical Trial Solutions and Services

Wemedoo clinical trial solutions empower all organizations, big and small, corporate or institutional, to achieve their goals. 

We accelerate and simplify the complex processes of clinical trial data management and analysis by offering expert services and cutting-edge software solutions.

Our goal is to make sure that you get the most out of your clinical trial data by facilitating key processes, from data collection and storage, through appropriate analysis and interpretation, all the way to the writing of the statistical analysis report. 

In other words, with us, you start with raw data and finish with usable clinical knowledge.

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Our fully integrated Oomnia® EDC/CTMS system is a comprehensive, cloud-based clinical trial solution.

Due to its built-in flexibility, it is suitable for all clinical trial types and organizations regardless of size. 

  • Intuitive
  • Quick
  • Flexible
  • Accessible
  • User-Centred
  • Fully Compliant

We Offer Full Stack Clinical Trial Services

Data Management

We provide a full range of data management solutions for your clinical trial needs.

By combining industry-leading technology with our clinical data management expertise, we can create study-specific custom solutions, regardless of a trial’s complexity.

  • CRF/eCRF Design
  • Exceptional EDC Solutions
  • Efficient and Flexible Processes
  • Database Proficiency
  • Premium Data Quality
  • Rapid External Integration
  • Timely Deliverables

Medical Writing

Our team of expert medical writers will work with you on all relevant trial documentation in order to fast-track your trial process to the final CSR.

Experience the benefit of having your trial information structured and presented clearly and concisely.

  • Clinical Data Management Plan
  • Data Transfer Plan
  • Statistical Analysis Plan
  • Interim Analysis Reports
  • PK/PD Data Analysis Report
  • Statistical Analysis Report

Statistical Services

We provide a comprehensive set of biostatistical services covering all aspects of a clinical trial process.

Our PhD-level experts can fulfil any biostatistical service or analysis request across all therapeutic areas.

  • Protocol Consulting
  • Sample Size and Power Calculations
  • Randomization
  • Statistical Programming
  • PK/PD
  • Custom Statistical Reports

Wemedoo Articles

In our articles, we discuss new technologies and trends in the clinical trial industry, and reveal our unique perspectives on clinical work, medical data, and clinical information management.