Real-World Data

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Discover patient insights and treatment outcomes in depth

The Wemedoo Real-World Data Framework encompasses a complete ecosystem of expert services and software solutions dedicated to the collection, management, and analysis of real-world data.

Tap into patient experiences, outcomes, and shape evidence-based strategies that make a tangible difference in healthcare and medical research.


Cost Reduction

Reduce research and product development cost


Accelerate development of treatments and interventions

Safety Increase

Improve safety assessments


Expand coverage of rare diseases and conditions

Power your traditional, decentralized, or synthetic trials with unique real-world data collected by a global network of experienced clinical data professionals from a global, broad, and diverse patient population

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We provide custom validated real-world data from a uniquely broad and diverse population across countries on 5 continents to meet all client needs and requirements.

Treatment data are always connected to patient outcomes and direct access to patients is provided, both to ensure industry leading results.

With custom genetic analysis, general OMICS, and interpretation of medical imaging directly from all sites, unmatched real-world insights and evidence are ensured.

Base your studies on the best possible data and generate meaningful evidence and insights

Patient diversity and inclusion ensured, especially for rare diseases with small patient populations

Genomic profiling and advanced diagnostics available directly on most sites

Patient reported outcomes available for prospective studies

OMOP and CDISC compliance ensured

Semantic, syntactic and medical interoperability ensured

All data sets are fully machine readable

Patient consent is ensured for every data set if required

Regulatory compliance ensured in every country

Data collected with same standards as in clinical trials

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