Full integrated solution for your clinical trial document management.

Wemedoo eTMF is a collaborative, highly secure, and dynamic management solution for all clinical trial documents and their related processes.

With automated processes, meaningful metric aggregation, and an intuitive interface, the Wemedoo eTMF is specifically created to streamline documentation processes. Its flexibility and innovative technological framework make it fully customizable to the requirement of any clinical trial, regardless of the complexity.

Our solution is automated and fully integrated with all other relevant modules, including EDC and long-term eArchive.

  • Upload, collate, and store hundreds of thousands of documents
  • Collaborate with all stakeholders, sponsors and CROs have access to all relevant trial documents in real-time and contribute to each trial.
  • Track all relevant documentation as the clinical trial progresses

eTMF is a comprehensive solution with a broad range of innovative functions

  • Rapid data acquisition
  • Precise document classification and indexing
  • Secure data storage
  • Regulatory compliant
  • Transparency and auditability
  • Automated reporting
  • Easy external systems integration
  • Data quality and integrity
  • Seamless data exchange across systems
  • Long-term e-Archiving

A Complete Solution

Wemedoo eTMF is a comprehensive approach to all clinical trial document management processes, encompassing services and solutions. It automatically stores, indexes, and tracks clinical trial progress from initial document entry to possible audit requirements decades later.


The Wemedoo eTMF solution is based on a robust technological framework that supports standardized data exchange, and stores files of any size, without additional effort from the user. It easily connects to other digital services, allowing re-use and thorough analysis of the collected data.


Each Wemedoo eTMF solution is tailor-made to your specific requirements. It supports all types of organizations and clinical trial projects regardless of size or complexity.

Superior Data Quality

Wemedoo eTMF is founded on the eTMF Reference Model and standards of semantic interoperability to ensure superior data quality and integrity throughout the process. By implementing all TMF requirements, we ensure that every data point is adequately entered, stored, and indexed.

Simple And Fully Compliant

We created our technology framework with you in mind. Documentation processes are automated and only minimal training is required. Wemedoo complies with all required regulatory standards and allows complete traceability not only for documents, but for the entire clinical trial process.

Instant And Secure Archiving

Upon the completion of a clinical trial, the entire eTMF can be e-archived with just one click. Our solution is fully automated and compliant with relevant regulations and standards, including GDPR, HIPPA, and GCP.


Be Equipped for an Audit Anytime

The Wemedoo eTMF solution stores and automatically indexes all documents. It also provides full transparency throughout the audit process at any time. This significantly reduces audit costs and accelerates timelines while being in total compliance with regulatory requirements.

Increase Productivity

Increase team productivity with instant document retrieval and access. Allow your team members to share and view documents anytime, from any device.

Save Valuable Time and Finances

Save on physical storage, reduce administrative costs, and optimize time spent on document management by having all trial files on a single system.

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