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Digital bridge for patient outcome reporting

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Engaging patients and physicians for improved data quality

Electronic Patient-Reported Outcomes (ePRO) and Electronic Clinical Outcome Assessments (eCOA) enable patients, physicians, and caretakers to directly report data through electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, or web-based platforms.

Such electronic data collection methods have demonstrated significant improvements in the data quality and efficiency of clinical trials, while enabling the patients and overseeing physicians to be more engaged in the clinical trial.

Oomnia offers ePRO and eCOA options that enable the reported data to be instantaneously integrated within EDC, enabling clinical trial data to be in a single, centralized database.


Ease of Use

Intuitive usage for participants with all backgrounds


Get integrated real-time insights based on participant questionnaires

Integration and Oversight

Integrate ePRO uniquely in the eCRF for real-time monitoring of data quality and participant compliance



Use personal device with simple web browser.


Set up customizable, standardized, and study-specific questionnaires.


Access questionnaires using unique and secure link sent via SMS or email.


Integrate data from any trial-specific data collection system.


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Star icon Easy form design with eCRF integration

Creating documents based on the variables used in the very CT allows you to transfer all available information without changes or errors. Automation can be up to 80% .

Star icon Standardized and reusable ePRO forms

We have prepared a set of standard templates for you. If you need to make your own templates, do it easily and freely.

Star icon Individual participant account not required

Users are able to easily access their quesionnaire(s) through a unique secure link sent via email or SMS with double verification option. Users can provide their mobile phone number and/or email address for questionnaire access without having to create a separate user account and password.

Star icon Instant and real-time access to integrated patient data

The resulting data is immediately integrated into the system. You don't need to make any special effort to do this - it's just like that, that's all.

Star icon Participant landing page with overview and user guidelines

Do your patients have little understanding of the digital environment or do they simply find it difficult to manipulate the data on the screen? We have reduced the number of movements to a minimum, made all the steps as simple and understandable as possible, and prepared a memo (just in case).

Star icon “Drag-and-drop" graphical user interface (GUI)

A drag-and-drop GUI allows researchers or system administrators to easily design and customize questionnaires by dragging and dropping various question types, response options, and formatting elements onto a visual interface. This intuitive approach simplifies the questionnaire design process, making it accessible to users without extensive programming or technical skills.

Generate prolific insights from your clinical trials with a truly interoperable platform.

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