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Unparalleled insights and oversight across clinical trials

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The single solution for real-time collating progress and performance across your clinical trials

oomnia CTMS incorporates data from other oomnia modules (EDC, RTSM, eTMF, Monitoring, etc.) with the same integration capabilities as oomnia EDC. CTMS can also accommodate pre-existing data provided by the client, creating a comprehensive tool to track and manage your clinical trials from site selection to study closeout.


All data in one place

Choose which data is integrated or imported into CTMS

Role-specific user access

All information within oomnia CTMS follows Client-defined User Role access definitions

Management and Tracking

Easily maintain oversight of your study with real-time data feeds and Client-defined Key Performance Indicator downloadable reports


Integration and Collaboration

With the abilities to integrate data from other oomnia modules or import external data files, create User-specific tracking templates within the system, track Milestones and Timelines with sub-pages to capture progress, enter Trial- and Site-level budgets and outgoing payments, create study logs that can be exported to eTMF, and more – oomnia CTMS provides the optimal solution to clinical trial management.

Customized Visualizations

oomnia CTMS provides standard templates for visualizations and the Home Page Dashboard based on User Role. However, these can easily be customized according to Client needs and preferences. The dashboard provides a real-time snapshot of the highest priority metrics for your particular clinical Trial; you can download/export the Dashboard reports and easily insert them into your presentations or internal updates.

Site Monitoring Reports and Metrics

oomnia CTMS addresses challenges experienced with Monitoring oversight and associated manual tasks by incorporating Monitoring Visits within the eCRF (if oomnia EDC is used) or manual entry directly within oomnia CTMS. oomnia CTMS will provide critical metrics to oversee compliance with monitoring visit frequency, action items, protocol deviations, data entry, source data verification, topics covered during the visit, visit attendees, or any other information necessary for study management.


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Star icon Built-in analytics

oomnia CTMS analytics provides real-time key performance indicators (KPI) on trial progress. oomnia delivers KPI in a graphical and easy-to-understand form, with actionable insights. oomnia delivers already validated metrics, but we can develop new metrics along a trial timeline. This feature is of utmost importance for novel study designs and approaches.

Star icon Tracking

oomnia provides automatic data integration and visualization from EDC documents, including eCRF, SAE Reports, PD Logs, MVRs, RTSM, eTMF, and ePRO. Study managers can also create customized trackers within CTMS for easy collaboration across study team members, which leads to increased efficiency and quality.

Star icon Investigator and Site repository

oomnia provides insight into the database of current Investigators (Principal and Sub-Investigators) and Investigational Site information, including any indication-specific experience, study phase experience, location, and ongoing Clinical Trials for the Investigator.

Star icon Study logs and documents

Keep your study organized and on track by uploading study logs and documents directly into the CTMS, with the same role-specific user access restriction capabilities as all other oomnia modules.

Star icon Additional Features:

  • Timeline Tracking
  • Clinical Trial Milestones
  • Monitoring Visit Reports and Metrics
  • Site Feasibility, Selection, and Activation Tracking
  • Study Contact Lists
  • Site Contract and Budget Tracking
  • Site Payment Tracking
  • Customized Dashboards and Notifications

Generate prolific insights from your clinical trials with a truly interoperable platform.

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